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Renaissance of a Lost Political and Medical Life-Science

March 4th, 2021

The world of modern mechanical science tends to consider that ethics are about how a person uses science rather than ethics being an actual property of natural science itself. Contrary to this mechanistic ethos, in the old Kingdom of ancient Egypt, the seeds of a spiritual science were planted, which were destined to one day become basic to Classical Greek scientific thinking. Egyptian philosophy was centred around a balanced geometrical structure of the universe. The goddess Ma’at actually depicted geometrical balance in association with such ethical concepts as, truth, and justice.

The online BBC article by professor of Egyptology, Professor Fekri Hassan, entitled The Fall of the Egyptian Old Kingdom, explains that during the 22nd Century BCE a terrible drought brought about the collapse of the old Kingdom, destroying the structure of centralised Egyptian rule. Within one hundred years the people re-established Egyptian government under the condition that mercy, compassion and justice were fused into the new political structure. If we replace individual theories within the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy with general objectives, we find that there existed a common goal in which Greek universities sought to add to the Egyptian ethics to establish a life-science to guide ennobling government.

Plato recorded that during the 6th Century BCE the Greek geometer, Thales, went to Egypt to study the geometrical basis of ethical government. He used that knowledge to rally opposition by the Greek tribes in their war against the tyranny of Persian military conquest. Thales persuaded Pythagoras to also travel to Egypt where Pythagoras developed the Greek celestial Music of the Spheres concept to which the philosopher, Epicurus, included the the harmonic movement of the atoms of the soul. The harmonic movement of the moon could be seen to influence the female fertility cycle. Through the forces of harmonic resonance the moon might impart evolutionary wisdom to the atomic movement within the human metabolism, establishing the basis of an ethical science to explain a mother’s love and compassion for children.

During the 1st Century BCE, Cicero, the Roman Historian, recorded that this science, called the science of universal love, was popular throughout Italy and across to Turkey and he considered its teachings to be a threat to the structure of Roman rule. The only geometrical logic that can postulate linking the living process to the Egyptian concept of an infinite soul is fractal logic. NASA has published papers arguing that the Classical Greek Era was based upon fractal logic. The 20th Century discovery of Sir Isaac Newton’s certainty of the existence of a more profound natural philosophy to balance the infinite functioning of the universe, is likewise a fractal consideration. Furthermore, Newton’s infinite balanced world-view was upheld by the same principles of particle movement that were used to uphold the science of universal love.

We should carefully examine how religious persuasions come to dictate how scientists think, because a rather serious social error in democratic political thinking has occurred. The United States of America set out to emulate the Golden Age of Greek political ethics, which had been based upon extending the Egyptian geometrical based concepts of mercy, compassion and justice. The framers of the Constitution did not include Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished physics principles because Newton dared not publish what he considered a more natural and profound world-view. Even today there are some that have classified Newton’s balanced world-view as an insane criminal heresy. Alexander Hamilton,one of the founders of the Constitution of the United States of America, defined Democratic liberty only in the limited terms of Newton’s published physics principles.

The result of that unbalanced political action was that ethics in science is now generally about how one chooses to use science rather than how one might be able to create sustainable ethical technology for the betterment of the global human condition. Hopefully, a more enlightened awareness will come into being now that modern chemistry is being rewritten by Nobel Laureates to accommodate the reuniting of life-science to Newton’s fractal logic. This fact may help provide a better public understanding of what political freedom, outside of the present fixed scientific world-view, can mean for the peoples of the world.